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Fluent in Miami: Italian

Italian is by far my favorite type of food. Throughout my years, I've been lucky enough to try a bunch of Italian restaurants in Miami and now in Rome while studying abroad. I can pretty much call myself an expert when it comes to identifying which restaurants in Miami truly live up to the standard of Italian cuisine you'll find in Italy. So here are my personal favorites when I need some good food in my life or when I'm missing the Eternal City. We'll go ahead and start with the basics, pizza. Everyone that's ever been to Italy knows that their pizza is a super thin crusted, magical plate of cheesy goodness.

Domenico's Italian Restaurant

Forget about Domino's, Pizza Hut, Papa John's, and all their thick crust pizzas. Instead, go to Domenico's for the most authentic pizza in Miami. Whether you get just plain cheese, or go all out with supreme, you really can't go wrong. This restaurant is family owned and has been around for quite some time, the staff is extremely nice and always makes some fire pizza as well as pasta and subs! As far as pizza goes, I won't even bother mentioning other restaurants cause this is the creme of the crop, so lets move on to pasta. Each of the following restaurants has fantastic pasta, no matter which one you choose, but each one has a specific dish that is mind-blowingly good and up to par with (or even better than) what you can find in Rome.


Scarpetta is a fancy restaurant at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach and home to some of the most amazing gnocchi I’ve ever had in my life (yes, even compared to the one’s I’ve tried in Rome). Unfortunately, they only have it every so often as a special, but all of their pasta is great honestly. They also have an amazing burrata appetizer that's nice and creamy and comes with fresh tomatoes. So if you're thinking of celebrating a special occasion and want to splurge on some tasty food go to Scarpetta.


Ok, this is like one of my favorite restaurants in Miami, Italian or any. There are a few locations in different parts of Miami and their food is absolutely incredible. Once again, all their pasta is great but the most notable is the fiocchi, a pear and four cheese-filled pasta. This sweet but savory, creamy pasta is the king of all pastas and is honestly my favorite of all time. But if you also want mind-glowingly good gnocchi or really just any authentic Italian dish try out Anacapri. You literally cannot go wrong with any pasta you order, I've pretty much tried them all.

Sal’s Italian Ristorante

With a bunch of locations all across Florida, this is another gem when it comes to pasta. Their penne alla vodka is so good, it's one of the best I’ve ever had. Comparable to the penne alla vodka at New York's famous Carmine's off of Times Square.

If you're ever feeling like eating some amazing, authentic Italian food in Miami, go to one of these places and you won't be disappointed.

Article originally published for Spoon University.


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