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  • Lauren Diaz

13 Foods to Try at Epcot's Food & Wine Festival 2017

Every year, Walt Disney World a.k.a the Happiest Place on Earth makes one of their parks, Epcot, even happier. Between August 31 - November 13, 2017 park goers can experience Epcot's International Food & Wine Festivalfor the price of a normal park ticket. The only catch is you have to pay for the food as you go, but it's worth it. Everyone already knows about drinking around the world, but with this special event Disney throws in even more countries than usual with some pretty amazing food and drinks to go along with them. So here's a list of my favorite dishes from this year's festival.

Taste of Greece

This platter was a perfect way to kick-start the day, giving you a bite of 3 different Greek staples; stuffed grape leaves, grilled octopus and feta cheese dip with pita bread. My personal favorite was the octopus, it was so well-seasoned and had the perfect consistency.

Country: Greece

Tequila Chipotle Shrimp

Next stop, tacos. This taco was fantastic, especially considering that shrimp isn't always my favorite. The taco had a couple of little shrimps served on top of a black bean sauce that was so nice and creamy with a little kick from the chipotle on the shrimp.

Country: Mexico

Beijing Roasted Duck Bao Bun

This was one of the top dishes I had. The fluffy bao bun stuffed with perfectly cooked duck was just so tender and tasty, it even had amazing sauce and onions to top it off.

Country: China

Chicken Pot Stickers

Since you can never go wrong with chicken potstickers, these did not disappoint. This booth had the chicken to pot sticker ratio down-packed, since you know some places will give you a dot of chicken and the rest is all pot-sticker.

Country: China

Roast Bratwurst

This one brought me back to eating pretzels and bratwurst in Munich. On top of the charm that comes along with the faux German buildings, this bratwurst was as authentic as it gets. Nice and juicy, served on a pretzel roll with some mustard on the side. Pair this with a flight of German beers, and you're good to go.

Country: Germany

Charcuterie in a Cone

Lauren Diaz

I feel like this plate is definitely underrated. Who doesn't love a good cone full of meats and cheeses? The cheeses were amazing, the prosciutto was perfectly salty, and the food pic wasn't bad either.

Country: Spain

Chocolate Baklava

Lauren Diaz

Baklava is fire to begin with but throw in some chocolate and you're in for a treat. An amazing combination of sweet dough and chocolate, topped with some crunch for a nice sweet bite.

Country: Morocco

La Passion Martini Slush

This is the queen of all drinks at Epcot's Food & Wine. Grey Goose, passion fruit and cranberry juice all whipped up to create this refreshing slush, perfect for the hot Florida weather.

Country: France

Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup

Lauren Diaz

This dish is pretty self-explanatory but oh so good. The soup was creamy with that strong cheddar taste coupled with a salty, pretzel roll that I personally used to dip in my soup. Cheese-lovers, this is heaven. And if this isn't enough for you they also have cheese seminars included with the ticket price!

Country: Canada

“Le Cellier” Wild Mushroom Beef Filet Mignon

Lauren Diaz

Although it doesn't look like much, this is probably the best thing I had all day. Every bite was amazing. The filet is topped with a truffle-butter sauce so you get that perfect amount of truffle in each tender bite.

Country: Canada

Frozen Wine Cocktail

Lauren Diaz

Another star when it comes to drinks is this frozen wine cocktail made with Sauvignon Blanc. Since it was really hot outside, frozen cocktails were the move. It was also great to cool down after that hot cheese soup.

Country: New Zealand


My friend got this one for free which was great since I probably never would've ordered it on my own. You should though because it was so sweet and delicious. A moist yellow cake, dipped in creamy chocolate and topped with some shredded coconut.

Country: Australia

Frozen Mojito

I'm sure you can see a trend here with the frozen drinks but how could I say no to my favorite drink in frozen form. Although expensive, at a whopping $10 for a tiny cup, I have to say it was really good, with that perfect hint of mint.

Country: Islands of the Caribbean

So there you have it folks, this is all the food my stomach was able to hold. I would've tried more but then they would've had to roll me out of Epcot. If this didn't convince you to book a trip to Epcot, check out the rest of the menu here. But hurry, because this event ends on November 13th!


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