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3-step Dulce de Leche Pancakes

Everyone loves pancakes, and everyone especially loves pancakes with some add-ins. The usual suspects are fruit or chocolate chips but have you tried them with Dulce de Leche? Well, here you go...

Dulce de Leche Pancakes:


  • Pancake mix (just use your favorite brand)

  • Milk or water (whatever you prefer when making pancakes)

  • 1 La Cubanita Foods Dulce de Leche Bar


Here's where those three steps come in. 1) Whip up your pancake batter (follow the instructions on the box). 2) Grab a bar of Dulce de Leche. Cut the dulce de leche into tiny cubes (smaller than shown in the photo) and mix them in your batter. You can do this to your liking depending on how much dulce de leche flavor you want to add to your pancakes. 3) Cook up those pancakes! The dulce de leche will melt into the pancakes and caramelize, adding a delicious and toasty flavor to your pancakes.

Top with syrup to your liking and enjoy! Make sure to tag us if you try this recipe!


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