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  • Lauren Diaz

7 Last Minute Gifts for the Foodie in Your Life

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Christmas shopping is hard, especially if you're last minute like I am. So I figured i'd help out people that have foodies like myself in their lives. Here's a list of some last minute gifts you can give your loved ones (who happen to be foodies too)...

1) Tickets to the SOBEWFF

This is a perfect gift for someone who is always looking for the latest and greatest when it comes to food events. The SOBEWFF (for my fellow Miamians) takes place in February and is THE foodie event of the year. If you want to splurge on your loved one you can take them to events like Burger Bash and I can assure you they'll love you forever, or you can opt for a cheaper ticket for some new events like Mangia, A Taste After Dark, and I can assure you they'll love you for an extended amount of time.

2) Nothing Bundt Cakes

I find this to be an awesome gift for a co-worker or boss (rather than the usual bottle of wine from your last trip to Publix). It comes across as thoughtful but also doesn't require that much work! You can order these beautiful little cakes online and slap a bow on top and they will LOVE it. (My boss gave me one this year and it honestly inspired me to write this blog post).

3) A Bottle of Coquito

Nothing says Holidays in Miami like a bottle of the Puerto Rican specialty: coquito. You can buy a pretty bottle at Marshall's and make it yourself or you can check out some locals that sell them every year! Those will come ready made and in some really cute bottles! Shoutout to my favorite bottles from Kohkeetoh.

4) DIY Gifts

If you have some time and want to spend little to no money, consider a DIY gift. You can use stuff you already have at home and make a bunch of different things! One option is peppermint bark: wrap it in some cellophane with a pretty bow, and voila you have a thoughtful gift for your secret santa! You can also make a "hot cocoa kit" for the neighbors kid, or if you want it to be "adult friendly" tie a bottle of bailey's to it for a spiked hot cocoa kit. There's so many ideas out there, you can check out my Christmas Pinterest Board for some inspo.

5) Food-Themed Apparel

If you have that one friend that really loves pizza, just type it in on Amazon. I just did a search for pizza apparel and the possibilities are endless: socks, hats, shirts, everything! And if you have Amazon prime it'll get here just in time for Christmas, thank you Amazon.

6) Game of Thrones Scotch Whisky

For scotch lovers and Game of Thrones enthusiasts this is an awesome gift. Johnnie Walker recently released 9 different bottles/blends of Whisky that range from $30 - $70 that include all the houses of Game of Thrones and the super cool White Walker edition that you may have seen on social media. Check out all the awesome blends here and you can purchase the White Walker edition at most liquor stores, Costco, or Total Wine!

7) The Obvious Gifts

You can of course just be basic and buy people a bottle of wine (I mean I love that gift), a restaurant gift card, or take them to a "dinner for two", but what's the fun in that! It's always nice to receive a gift that is thoughtful so maybe explore some of these options and show your favorite foodie that you took the time to pick out their gift.

Hope some of these help and if you have any other ideas I would love to hear them! Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!


Fluent in Food

P.S. If a family member or friend is reading this.. wink wink (;

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