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  • Lauren Diaz

Fluent in Miami: Most Instagrammable

Do you ever scroll through Instagram and see a food picture that makes your mouth water? Don’t worry, I do too. But often times, no matter how many times I’ll see a picture of a donut or a freak shake, I won’t know what it’s called or more importantly where I can eat it. But worry no more, here is a list of the most instagrammable foods in Miami with the location included.

Taiyaki NYC – Miami

Let’s start with one of the most basic, the famous Taiyaki cones that are taking Instagram by storm. These colorful little fish cones offer up lots of variety whether you want to try some matcha ice cream or go with the classic vanilla. They’re also famous for their Unicorn Taiyaki, a little fish complete with a Unicorn horn and ears (pictured above).

You can find these colorful cones in Wynwood in Miami’s newest food hall 1-800-LUCKY.

Salty Donut

If you haven't seen the Salty Donut on Instagram, you probably don't have an account. This Artisanal Donut shop creates the most delicious treats and are also the latest trend, so make sure to stay up-to-date by snapping some aesthetically pleasing pics of these stunning donuts.

You can find these beauties in Wynwood as well, so make sure you save plenty of room for dessert the next time you’re in the area. They are also opening a location in South Miami soon, so stay tuned!

Bocas House

The OG freak shake in Miami is the one from Bocas House. This one is pretty self-explanatory, I mean look at this decadent dessert, definitely drool-worthy. They offer different flavors ranging from Tres Leches to Nutella, they also have seasonal and holiday flavors.

Bocas House now has several locations across Miami where you can try these amazing desserts.

Vicky's House

Another contender in the business of freak shakes is Vicky’s House. They have different 80's-inspired milkshakes as well as floats and ice cream sandwiches. Vicky’s House is known for it’s retro-vibes and interesting decorations.

You can find Vicky’s House in Coconut Grove tucked behind a phone booth by the Lokal.

Knaus Berry Farm

This list would not be complete without the addition of the famous cinnamon rolls from Knaussberry Farm. Baked fresh daily, these rolls taste as good as they look. But beware, they’re so good that I’ve waited in a 4 hour line and no, I’m not exaggerating.

You can find these amazing rolls deep in Homestead.

Pro Tip though: don’t leave without trying their strawberry milkshakes, they may not be as instagrammable but they are so fresh and delicious.

Honeybee Doughnuts

Coming back to donuts, we have Honeybee doughnuts, which serves up some beautiful donuts as well as hot chocolate. So take advantage of rare, cold Miami days and grab your friends to try their decadent hot chocolate and donuts.

Honeybee Doughnuts can be found in the outskirts of Sunset Place in a small shopping center.


Last but definitely not least on the dessert menu is Cream. These are the hottest ice cream sandwiches in Miami right now, I mean look at those sexy sandwiches. They also sell ice cream tacos, so what’s not to love? They have a huge variety of flavors in both the cookies and the ice cream, so there’s something for everyone.

Cream currently has three locations in the Miami/Broward area, so although it might be a drive, it’s worth it. Do it for the ‘gram, am I right?

Joe's Stone Crab

Now that I’ve warmed you up with some dessert, let’s talk about savory. An iconic Miami restaurant is Joe’s Stone Crab where you can snap some amazing pics of their delicious stone crab claws. Fresh, ready-to-eat, and beautiful. I want some right now.

Joe’s is in the heart of Miami Beach with a fancy side to their restaurant if you want a long sit-down dinner or a market style side where you can get some claws to go or for a quick bite.

Pincho Factory

Ever seen those burgers that don’t use a bread bun? Yeah, that’s pincho factory and they are well-known for using tostones as a bun for their burgers. These burgers are not only juicy and delicious, but good looking too.

Pincho Factory has several locations across Miami where you can try one of these out for yourself.

Mister O1

I wondered for so long where people were finding this cool star shaped pizza until I discovered Mister O1. Mister O1 is famous for their Star Luca pizza because of it’s star-like shape. That is definitely one good looking pizza.

Mister O1 can be found close to Lincoln Road in Miami Beach.

Ms. Cheezious

For some gourmet grilled cheese goodness we can take a look at Ms. Cheezious. They offer grilled cheese of every variety from savory to sweet. My personal favorite is the pesto melt. But just look at all that cheese, perfect for a cheese pull Insta.

Ms. Cheezious has two locations in Coral Gables and Brickell as well as a food truck.

Sapore di Mare

Last but definitely not least is this beautiful truffle pasta made table side and in a cheese wheel. I don’t think it can get any more instagrammable than this. I mean look at all that cheesy goodness and those chunks of truffle, my mouth is watering yet again.

Sapore di Mare is a small restaurant in the center of Coconut Grove. So maybe have some pasta then head to Vicky’s House for dessert? I think it’s a win-win.

So if you haven't had enough of these beautiful dishes, check out our page on Instagram: for some more amazing eats, and don't forget to follow!

Happy eating friends!

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